Why Use ISSI for Your Digital Mailroom Solution

Why Save Only 20-30% with Mailroom Outsourcing When You Can Save 80-90% with Digital Mailroom Outsourcing Services from ISSI?

Digital Mailroom Outsourcing Services & PO Box Scanning

What if all your invoices, claims, applications, surveys, and other white mail was scanned and routed to your team for processing 2pm every day – with no labor costs, capital expenditures or software/hardware maintenance costs?

This is what’s possible with digital mailroom outsourcing and scanning services, and below is more information about why use ISSI.

ISSI Overview

Our Locations

We currently have three processing centers and a dozen virtual employees all located within the Southern and Mid-Atlantic US.

ISSI does digital mailroom processing in Cleveland, Tennessee, just outside of Chattanooga.  We have backup processing sites in Atlanta, Georgia and Roanoke, Virginia. We also use US-based offsite employees to support digital mailroom work when compatible with our customer’s security requirements.

We do not operate, nor do we depend upon offshore resources. We do not subcontract digital mailroom work to offshore operators.

Overview of Our Capture & Ingestion Process

We believe that our experience with advanced document capture and workflow technologies distinguishes ISSI from other digital mailroom companies. Not only do we run our own business process outsourcing centers, but we also assist our customers with implementation of advanced digital mailroom processes of their own.

Our document processing capabilities include:

  • Mail handling
  • Document preparation
  • Document collection cataloging
  • Document classification and identification
  • Document data extraction
  • Project and sender identification
  • Data lookup and normalization
  • Digital image export
  • Data export
  • Document routing
  • Records management

Depending on the customer requirements, ISSI makes use of a technology stack that can include:

  • Incoming document sorting and culling to match customer requirements
  • High-speed scanning
  • Bar-code and patch-code recognition
  • Automated image processing, including de-skew, de-speckle, background removal, and border removal
  • Form registration and scaling
  • Optical Character Recognition for printed letters and numbers
  • Intelligent Character Recognition for hand-written letters and numbers
  • Optical Mark Recognition for reading checkboxes and bubble forms
  • Template Capture for structured form processing
  • Advanced Capture processes for unstructured documents like invoices
  • Machine learning for data capture improvement
  • Scripted lookup and verification rules
  • Image output in TIFF format
  • Standard and text-embedded PDF output
  • Automated document routing based on document data
  • Automated notifications to document sender and recipient
  • Automated notifications and tracking of process exceptions
  • Bulk document upload to customer systems
  • Bulk data upload to ERP or other line-of-business applications
  • Periodic reporting of successful processes and exceptions
  • Certified paper document destruction
  • Certified digital document destruction

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After Imaging Paper Documents, When Are Paper Documents Destroyed?

Our standard process includes document destruction after a minimum of 90 days of storage. If needed ISSI can accommodate other retention schedules as well.

ISSI uses a documented review and re-scan process in the event of a customer question regarding a document image or classification.

How Many Clients Does ISSI Currently Support?

ISSI supports more than 300 customers in all parts of the world. These customers range from Fortune 20 companies to small manufacturers and service organizations.

What Is Our Total Client Mail Volume per Month?

ISSI has roughly 50 employees dedicated to processing inbound client documents.  Our employee count during any period is dependent on project workload and client requirements.

ISSI adds additional staff to support large, periodic projects as needed.

While our load varies depending on customer requirements, ISSI has capacity to handle more than 250,000 pieces of mail, equivalent to 1.2 million pages, through the scanning process each month, and 3.8 million documents through our document data extraction processes.

Can ISSI Manage My Sudden Volume Increase?

The ISSI process supports quick ramp-up times with our flexible workforce allocation process. The automated portions of our solution can scale instantaneously.

Because of ISSI’s streamlined processes, a doubling in mail volume may only require the addition of a single FTE. We can implement this change within days.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

How Do We Monitor the Quality of Work & SLAs?

ISSI does 100% visual inspection of all scanned images.

ISSI uses automated data extraction tools that can assess their own confidence level when classifying documents into types and when reading and interpreting document identification data. ISSI configures these processes to route documents with lower confidence levels to operators for review.

The ISSI training program includes side-by-side onboarding and periodic quality audits. These reviews provide feedback that operators need in their first year. Experienced operators have periodic stand-up meetings to discuss changes to requirements or trends in the scanning and conversion processes.

What Conditions Can Disrupt the Digital Mailroom Outsourcing Process?

The most common challenge faced when processing documents scanned by other parties is image quality. Digital documents that arrive via low-quality fax or via a non-standard document capture processes often cannot be processed by the ISSI automated classification and data extraction processes. In these events, the human verifiers are often able to read, classify, and index the documents.

If the documents are truly illegible, then ISSI will contact the person or organization that provided the document to try to get a better copy. This reprocessing can sometimes delay document delivery beyond a customer SLA.

How Does ISSI Manage Processing Exceptions?

ISSI builds our exception processes to respect our customer’s level of interactivity. Often, ISSI earns a spot as a trusted solution provider, allowing us to reach out directly to our contact at the customer in the event of a process anomaly such as a missing database update.

For routine exceptions, such as a record that cannot be found in the customer database, ISSI uses a formal incident reporting system that classifies the exception and notifies the customer via an email. This email typically includes a secure link so that the customer can view the image and supporting data that raised the exception.

Exceptions are tracked until they are resolved. ISSI typically schedules quarterly project reviews with customers, where we review exception statistics and any unresolved routine exceptions. If an exception occurs frequently and common root cause can be identified, ISSI and the customer work to resolve the underlying issue to reduce future exceptions.

What Digital Mailroom Reporting Does ISSI provide?

ISSI typically provides monthly performance reports, where we capture the number of documents scanned, the number of images delivered, and the number of exceptions generated for a given project. Other projects have required more specific data points, such as the number of database misses, and the number of non-letter-sized documents processed.

At the beginning of a project, or if the information is especially time sensitive, we can change the reporting interval to once per week.


How Do We Ensure the Security of Your Data?

To protect our customer’s data, ISSI chooses to keep and process all data onshore in the US. Considering recent events related to the Coronavirus epidemic, we felt it was even more important to maintain the quality and availability of our onshore, remote workforce.

ISSI maintains strict customer data protection procedures, including conducting drug screening and background checks on all new employees, and managing an automated data back-up process for all in-process customer data.

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