Digital Mailroom Outsourcing & PO Box Scanning Services

Why Save Only 20-30% with Mailroom Outsourcing When You Can Save 80-90% with Digital Mailroom Outsourcing Services from ISSI?

Digital Mailroom Outsourcing Services & PO Box Scanning

What if all your invoices, claims, applications, surveys, and other white mail was scanned and routed to your team for processing 2pm every day – with no labor costs, capital expenditures or software/hardware maintenance costs?

This is what’s possible with ISSI digital mailroom outsourcing and scanning services.

Note: ISSI does not provide mailroom staffing for onsite mailrooms nor do we provide outbound mail processing solutions.

How Digital Mailroom Outsourcing Works

The best way to streamline the processing of invoices, claims, applications, surveys, and other documents is to begin at the source.

ISSI will receive your inbound mail every day, open envelopes, then sort, scan and index your documents. We use cutting-edge document scanners, automatic classification and data extraction to streamline the capture and quality control process. Electronic documents are automatically routed to your staff for processing.

We can also handle all inbound faxes and email attachments, in addition to paper.

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How Much Will You Save?

Based on our 20 years of experience, our clients have reduced their inbound document capture and processing costs and the time needed by 80-90%.

The best way to identify how much you will save is to have us conduct an ECM & Records Management Audit. The audit evaluates current vs. future costs, processing gaps and the cost-justification needed to get buy-in from your management.

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