OnBase Electronic Plan Review

Hyland OnBase Software from ISSI

Transform your plan review process

With the help of ISSI, you can escape the black hole of paper-based plan review with Hyland Electronic Plan Review.

Hyland Electronic Plan Review is an end-to-end solution that manages and automates the entire review process from submission to final approval by providing:

  • Integrations to permitting solutions
  • A single, central location to store all plans and related documents
  • Automated version and revision control
  • Transparency into plan status via reporting dashboards
  • Tools for real-time collaboration

All of this enables you to easily manage the plan review process and content so your reviews never fall into a black hole.

Simplify Your Plan Review Process With Automation

A Hyland plan review software solution automates plan review and other government processes without costly custom code and services. The automation is easy to configure and expand and uses your review structure as a guide. This allows you to form your solution around your existing processes and not the other way.

Plan review doesn’t operate in a vacuum and neither does our electronic plan review solution. It connects to your other crucial systems without the need for custom code as well. This enables you to leverage data from your permitting solutions like Cityworks or Esri and deliver the content your reviewers need and improve customer service by ending duplicative data entry.

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