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ISSI has been an AnyDoc Software integrator since 2004. The ISSI Team includes former AnyDoc employees, including a member of their professional services group.

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EOBs create a host of issues—and hidden costs—for providers who enter EOB data manually. First, each payer’s EOB has a learning curve, because each has its own format and terminology. And EOBs contain so much data that it is difficult to locate, and then time-consuming to enter, the data you need for your business processes. Even if some EOBs are delivered electronically, every provider must still deal with paper for many payers—which dominates the time spent processing EOBs.

Manually entering and validating data, managing denial codes, and balancing each claim to EOB and check totals drain productivity and increase costs—even if it’s not clearly apparent on the surface.

AnyDoc EOB works with a scanned image of an EOB to automatically capture all the patient claim data you need. Staff can focus on higher-value tasks, such as resolving discrepancies to ensure maximum revenue and faster payment processing. All while you retain full control of your data and documents in-house, from envelope to archive.

Learn how you can use AnyDoc EOB to:

  • Reduce hidden manual data entry cost
  • Capture accurate summary data and line-item details
  • Capture all EOBs in a single-payer solution
  • Create individual patient record snippet images to aid in HIPAA compliance
  • Automatically index your EOB data and images for quick retrieval

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