OnBase: Agenda Management

OnBase document and records management software as implemented by ISSI will transform your legislative process with a platform that manages the critical functions of the clerk’s office and secures it all within a central repository that also supports your public records responsibilities. With features that make staff more efficient and convenient access for constituents and elected officials, OnBase agenda management makes a paperless clerk’s office a reality.

Adopt a Paperless Legislative Process

Government agencies rely on OnBase and ISSI for an all-in-one solution for internal and external records management. OnBase agenda management encompasses the management of important content and processes such as:

  • Agendas & Meeting Minutes: OnBase takes all necessary documents from each meeting and automatically creates public and executive session packets that staff can publish and distribute with the click of a button
  • Videos: OnBase is equipped with tools to stamp and bookmark video in real-time, enabling immediate posting to your website and giving constituents the ability to watch specific segments by clicking on the corresponding points on the agenda
  • Live Voting Tracking: OnBase provides a touch-screen voting process that tracks votes as they are submitted and stores the information for reference after the session ends
  • Using Multiple Platforms: While important information can be lost due to disconnected solutions and outdated processes, OnBase consolidates these solutions to streamline your legislative process

Meet Public Records Responsibilities & Improve Constituent Service

With a repository that is accessible to the whole organization, OnBase does more than support your legislative process; it simplifies your public records tasks with record storage and retrieval, request automation and tracking. Along with self-service access to documents, OnBase cuts the number of over-the-counter requests while making these requests more convenient for constituents.

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