Workflow Automation Assessment

Do You Have Any of These Content Issues?

  • Processing and paying invoices is so slow that it takes multiple AP clerks to keep up with the volume, vendor relationships are strained, and you can’t take advantage of early payment discounts
  • New employee onboarding is manual, paper-based, slow, and gives a poor first impression especially for younger hires
  • A lack of actionable data to make effective decisions with confidence in a timely manner
  • Lost profitability from inefficient operational processes
  • Silos of information that hamper customer service, employee collaboration and effective decision making
  • Relying on legacy or homegrown software that lacks performance, new features and is costly to maintain
  • Being non-compliant during your next next audit because you can’t find documents requested by auditors
  • Not always having the right version of a document
  • Not having tight control over who can read, edit and delete documents

All of the above can be solved with workflow automation but, considering how much software is out there, how do you know what’s the right technology, implementation process and partner for you?

Our Workflow Automation Assessment answers these questions in the form of a consulting report that features a holistic executive summary, comprehensive findings, and recommendations for what to implement and best practices for doing so – all of which is presented to you and your team. The assessment will give you clarity on what to do and how to cost-justify it to your executive team.

Not sure if you’re ready for an ISSI Workflow Assessment? No problem, download our ISSI Workflow Assessment Guide to self-assess your opportunity for workflow automation or to learn more about how we conduct an ISSI Workflow Assessment.

Workflow Assessment Overview

  • Problems that need to be fixed to streamline daily workflows and capture actionable data
  • Opportunities to further reduce data entry and manual document processing, and to increase executive visibility into your processes and bottlenecks
  • How to take your free up your knowledge workers from tedious, error prone tasks to higher level work that has far greater value to your organization – including how to re-purpose cost center employees into profit centers

Workflow Assessment Process

  • Kick-off with you, your team and other relevant personnel
  • A holistic and comprehensive analysis by our team of consultants with over 30 years of workflow automation experience
  • Presentation of the workflow automation assessment to you and your team

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