Aperture Card Scanning

Aperture Card Scanning Service from ISSI

The images on your aperture cards degrade over time, as well as the equipment for reading them is getting harder to find. It is important to convert them to digital images, assuring that you can always gain access to its content. In addition, by digitizing them, you also gain faster access, since they will be available through your document management system, or on our hosted site. Whether they are drawings, school records, building plans, or human resource files, digitizing aperture cards protects the information from getting destroyed through degradation.

We will convert your aperture cards to digital images and index them using the Hollerith codes on the individual cards, or any other indexing means to easily locate them. After digitizing the document, we can provide other services, including optical character recognition, document classification, Bates number or other image related activities. Our process (link to process) assures that each image is converted to meet your needs, and that there are no images left behind.

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