AnyDoc Software FAQ


We've got an old version of AnyDoc OCR (version 5.1) - how do we upgrade?

If you are current on your annual maintenance, access to the upgraded software is available to you and ISSI professional services can assist with the upgrade if needed.

Our annual maintenance has lapsed, how can we get support?

We can assist you in reinstating your AnyDoc annual maintenance in order to restore support. Contact us here:

We lost our system admin, is there any training available?

Yes, we can direct you to Hyland certification training or provide you with the option to utilize our AnyDoc experts as a virtual admin.

We have a new ERP system, can AnyDoc feed it?

Yes, almost all ERP systems have an import function that will sweep a directory. We can assist you in configuring AnyDoc to produce the type of output that your ERP requires and place it in a directory for your ERP import to pull in.

Are there any reporting features available in AnyDoc?

Yes, AnyDoc offers a reporting and real time management dashboard application called MANAGEit:

Does AnyDoc work on Windows 10?

Yes, the more recent versions are supported on Windows 10.

Let us know what version you are currently on and we can confirm or assist you in upgrading to a version that provides Windows 10 support.

Can we use AnyDoc OCR to do AP invoice processing?

Yes, AnyDoc INVOICE is one of the top intelligent Invoice processing solutions available. It eliminates the need to design a template for each vendor invoice format like other capture solutions. It can locate and capture required data fields no matter where they are located and from all vendor invoice formats.

Can AnyDoc OCR process medical claims?

Yes, AnyDoc CLAIM is being utilized by several large Health Insurance Organizations for medical and dental claim processing.

Can I use AnyDoc in human resources?

Yes, AnyDoc is not department or form type specific it can be leveraged to capture data from a large variety of documents.

Can AnyDoc produce searchable PDFs?

Yes, AnyDoc offers a searchable PDF output option at no extra cost unlike other solution.

What type of document scanner can I use with AnyDoc?

Any USB scanner will work with AnyDoc. ISSI is one of the leading scanner resellers in the US and partners with Kodak AlarisFujitsuEpson, and others. We can assist you with making the proper scanner selection based on your needs.