OnBase E-Forms

Hyland OnBase Electronic Forms (Eforms)

Paper forms are costly to print, scan and, while advanced document scanning software is effective at automatically extracting data from paper forms, you still need to handle exceptions and errors.

Electronic forms eliminates many of the problems caused by the use of paper forms and streamlines their processing by having those filling out the forms enter their own data.

With OnBase eforms, all of your forms are:

  • Instantly available within OnBase document management software once they are submitted
  • Available through OnBase mobile applications
  • Automatically validated for accuracy

Additional Capabilities

With the additional ability of OnBase eforms software to control required fields, perform calculations on the form, and validate data as it’s entered, the software ensures completeness at the point of entry. Upon submission, OnBase eforms instantly trigger associated processes and automatically routes the forms to the next step in the process as part of its workflow automation capability.

OnBase forms includes multiple options for building electronic forms, including:

  • Configurable form builders
  • Support for custom HTML forms
  • Integrations with third-party forms products

OnBase eforms are offered as part of separate module or on a limited basis as part of Unity Client. Additionally, OnBase Image forms replicates your paper as electronic forms.

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