These are some of the things some users say about Epson desktop, receipt, and label printers, document scanners and disc storage systems in the healthcare field—using them in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

Further, some users have remarked on the service network that is offered with Epson devices.

“We understand better than anyone else the importance of these devices to the workflow and to patient care,” says Jerry Tarrant, Healthcare business development manager for Epson America, Inc. “That said, we don’t focus on specific hardware solutions. Rather, we thrive upon the integration of Epson’s latest product and service innovations into the workflow to maximize a healthcare system’s operations and budget.”

Under Tarrant’s direction, Epson’s products have been sold to some of the most trusted producers of healthcare management systems. Following are four of their stories:

The Challenge

PioneerRx is the nation’s fastest-growing developer of pharmacy management software. They bring independent pharmacies and small to mid-size chains the advanced capabilities and features that were only available, until recently, to the very largest providers.

The Solution

According to Tony Cox, vendor relations liaison, PioneerRx pharmacy system customers rely on Epson’s document scanners, receipt printers, label printers, and multi-function network printers to help move their customers through the checkout process with speed and accuracy.

“Epson products are always very dependable, easy to work with, and easy to install.” — Tony Cox, Vendor Relations Liaison, PioneerRX

The Results

“PioneerRx is ahead of the curve in innovating in areas where our competitors will not, or have not so far. We do our best to see things that are coming and ensure that our pharmacies have the very best tools to serve their customers.”

“As a pharmacy software company, we want to focus on our management solutions and not have to worry about hardware. That’s where Epson comes in. Their products are always very dependable, easy to work with, and easy to install. We have never had significant problems with them, and that’s been great for us and for our customers.”

The Challenge

Omnicell is a trusted provider of medication dispensing systems for hospitals and clinics. Their products automate the medication management process to provide security, accountability and safety while, at the same time, quick, convenient access to needed drugs.

The Solution

The company, via an acquisition, began using an Epson ColorWorks® label printer in their new Omnicell XT Anesthesia Workstation five years ago. According to Tae Y. Kwak, Clinical Marketing Manager, the switch to Epson has provided important advantages to their clients, saving time as well as money. “When we initially launched the new workstation, we were skeptical about how much value a new label printer could bring to our customers,” he recalls. “But now, we have realized it’s a big value.”

“…the switch to Epson has provided important advantages to their clients, saving time as well as money.” – Tae Y. Kwak, Clinical Marketing Manager, OmniLink

The Results

The simple-to-use Epson color label printer has allowed Omnicell to take one full step out of the dispensing process without any sacrifice of safety or accuracy. With the integration of colorcoded labels, Omnicell can ensure the proper drug matches the label, providing an additional safety measure. “Now, as soon as the drug is removed, we can start the printing process, so that by the time they’re drawing up their syringes, the label is ready to go. Any time we can save our clients time, that’s a good step.”

The Challenge

PatientLink Enterprises has invented a way to dramatically reduce the time it takes to input patient data into Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications, while reducing mistakes and omissions.

The Solution

The company supplies Epson printers to its customers to generate custom patient input forms and Epson document scanners to read them.

“Epson is as good-or-better than anything else on the market for the price.” – David Lee, Director of Operations, PatientLink

The Results

In doing so, PatientLink has been able to cut the time it takes to reliably input a new patient questionnaire from 10 or 15 minutes down to 10 to 15 seconds. Their secret is boiling down an EHR input questionnaire to a series of choices on a customized “bubble” form similar to those used in standardized testing. Clinics print the forms on an Epson WorkForce® Pro WF-C5790 multifunction printer; patients fill them in with a pencil; then a nurse or technician feeds them through an Epson DS-320 portable document scanner or Epson DS-530 color desktop document scanner, which reads them automatically and passes the data into the PatientLink software and then the EHR.

David Lee, Director of Operations at PatientLink, says the company is “hardware agnostic” in that their software will work with any document scanner or printer the client may prefer. That said, they partner with Epson and prefer that PatientLink clients use Epson hardware. “We chose Epson partly because they are very easy to work with, but mainly because Epson is as good-or-better than anything else on the market for the price.” Once he persuades a client to choose Epson, Lee says they soon become loyal users. “They will always say, ‘from now on, we want the Epson.’”

The Challenge

SST Group is redefining the best practices in medical image delivery and management, with their DICOM and PACS software used in over 2,500 hospitals and clinics worldwide.

The Solution

Richard Murphy, President and CEO, says the company has partnered with Epson for printing, scanning and disc production since 2014. For example, their DMC-EZ 250 package, meant for small to medium clinics, imaging centers and hospitals, includes a Windows-based computer and an Epson Discproducer Standard 100II Disc Publisher (PP-100II). It automatically burns up to 100 CDs and/or DVDs in one queue, each with individualized content and a customized label printed right on the media.

“The Epson devices have been the easiest and most reliable imaging products we’ve ever used.” – Richard Murphy, President and CEO, SST Group

Among their software utilities is their DMC-EZ DICOM Converter, which can use any Epson document scanner to input paper documents and reports, convert them to the DICOM format and send them into the organization’s PACS. SST Group was one of the first medical imaging companies to print DICOM images on a plain-paper printer, which is based on Epson WorkForce Pro WF-8090 technology. “Traditionally, OBGYN ultrasound pictures would go on a little thermal printer, but Epson allows us to give clients a larger printed image for the grandparents as well as a disc that shows the whole video they get from the ultrasound.”

The Results

The Epson devices, he says, “have been the easiest and most reliable imaging products we’ve ever used. That’s extremely important for us, because we deal with people in clerical positions all the way up to the director of radiology.” The Epson partnership fits neatly into the company’s mission of making their DICOM interfaces as simple and intuitive as possible.

All About Service

Through his role at Epson, Jerry Tarrant is proud that he is able to help these and other companies focus on their core software solutions, providing an economical solution with the latest technology and easy implementation for their healthcare customers.

“It’s all about our culture and the standards we set for healthcare,” said Tarrant. “While we pride ourselves on the innovation behind our products, what really sets us apart is how we bring the best resources from all the different divisions in Epson together to serve the diverse healthcare customers.”

Epson’s efforts are appreciated. Murphy from SST Group explains that, “When I do a demo for a customer in order to show them the workflow that they’ll use to create a disc or scan a document, their response is, ‘That’s it?’

“Yes, that’s it. I mean, it’s that simple.”

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