RPA as a Service (RPAAS)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Take Advantage of RPA without the Capital Investment

Now that your RPA bots have been created, let ISSI maintain your processing stack and all the associated monitoring and logging with ISSI RPA as a service (RPAAS):

  • Managing & Clearing Unexpected Automation User Prompts: free up your knowledge workers to do more important things
  • Updating Bots & Automations: continuous improvement based on your feedback, our insights, and collective experience learning
  • Preventative Maintenance: including sandbox testing with new versions of integrated applications
  • Technical Support: providing quick response, break-fix services when unforeseen environmental changes challenge an automation


We provide the following:

  • The ability to implement and manage multiple RPA technologies for RPAAS, on-premise and as a hybrid deployment
  • A well-honed, experienced-based methodology that guides each project by clearly defining tasks, roles and responsibilities associated with all RPA solutions; failure is not an option
  • Routine maintenance of the runtime environment
  • Continuous improvement of your RPA production environment on a proactive, preventative basis

We can provide all of the above at a reasonable price and terms that are compatible with your organization’s licensing requirements. Our clients appreciate the ease of doing business with ISSI as much as our RPA expertise and competence.

Next Steps

Talk to one of our RPA experts to learn more about how you can harness the potential of RPA, which manual processes could be most streamlined by the technology, and whether RPAS might be right for your RPA implementation.

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