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Hyland OnBase Software from ISSI

Content Composer by Hyland provides a complete customer communication management (CCM) solution. When working with ISSI, Content Composer helps organizations increase engagement with external parties by creating and managing personalized communications and omni-channel delivery. Designed to integrate with enterprise applications and office productivity software, Content Composer features powerful creation, distribution, and management tools to improve efficiency, productivity, and consistency.

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Benefits of OnBase Content Composer

  • Improves customer engagement with timely, personalized communications designed for the customer’s preferred format and device.
  • Consolidates communication applications with a single enterprise-ready tool able to manage high output volumes, complex document formats, and omnichannel delivery.
  • Supports the creation of communications through direct integration with core business systems (including OnBase) and familiar screens, providing communication in context.
  • Promotes data integrity by pulling information values directly from multiple systems, eliminating errors and leveraging the most up-to-date information from the primary source.
  • Eases administrative burden by decentralizing template authoring and editing, and allowing business units to participate in the creation of their correspondence.


  • Template Design & Authoring: Content Composer Studio creates a robust environment for administrators to create and manage complex components in a global library, providing central management for text blocks, processes, scripts, and more.
  • On-Demand Document Creation: User-initiated document creation provides interactive controls to personalize, package, and approve the final composition.
  • Automated Document Creation: Fully automated composition can be triggered by a third party system or automated process. The composition of the documents, packaging, output transformation and distribution can all be pre-configured so that no user interaction is required.
  • Output: Document transformation and omni-channel distribution is configurable and flexible to allow for the desired outcome.


  • Contract Management (all industries): An employee can dynamically create customized contracts, edit the previewed contract, and send the final version to individuals or partner organizations. Advanced logic and customizable document packaging allows Content Composer to support a complex contract process that may involve many variables or require users to make decisions about the final document(s).
  • Policyholder Communications (insurance): Empower business users and reduce departmental silos from new business and underwriting to customer service and claims by connecting with policyholders. An insurance representative can create a claim package and all associated documents. Content Composer populates the documents with available data, and the representative can optionally provide missing data, or personalize the claim package as needed. Once finalized, the claims package is archived and distributed to the customer.
  • General Communications (all industries): Content Composer has applications in Human Resources, Health and Human Services, Financial Services, Healthcare, Higher Education and more.


On-demand generation: Content Composer by Hyland streamlines the creation of documents

Sophisticated configuration: Content Composer Studio provides advanced component libraries, data modeling, output design, and more

Get Started with Content Composer

When implemented by the experts at ISSI, you can see how Content Composer allows your organization to create automated, rule-based correspondence while maintaining the personalization and interactivity that is critical for an optimal customer experience.

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