OnBase Cityworks Integration

OnBase Cityworks Integration from ISSI

When you implement the Cityworks integration with the help of the ISSI team, your organization can conquer planning and community development with the tools that drive efficiency and foster collaboration.

With a Hyland content services platform and Cityworks, you connect content with your permitting, licensing and land use tasks, and manage work orders and service requests.

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Benefits of Connecting a Hyland Platform & Cityworks:

  • Users have instant access to information when it is needed, at their desks or on mobile devices
  • Revisions and versions are tracked, changes are recorded and content is secure
  • Community development solutions are completed with plan review
  • Content can be connected to Esri GIS applications

Integrating Hyland Plan Review & Cityworks

By connecting Hyland Plan Review to Cityworks and Esri, you can move data and projects from your Cityworks PLL solution into an electronic plan review workflow, making community development more efficient.

A Hyland Plan Review software solution automates plan review and other government processes without costly custom code and services. The automation is easy to configure and expand and uses your review structure as a guide. This allows you to form your solution around your existing processes.

Connect with the ISSI team to learn more about managing permits, licensing and plan review with the Cityworks integration.

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