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A blank sheet of paper. A clean white board. A white canvas. All of these represent an opportunity to create something great.

Unfortunately, many organizations do not have the luxury of such an opportunity. They attempt to patch a bad process with technologies that do not really solve the problem’s root cause. Their first solution creates three more problems, and it only gets worse. Over time, they end up with a patch work of information in silos, ultimately making their staff jump through hoops to get even the most seemingly simple tasks completed.

Sound familiar? We can help.

ISSI will help you get to the root cause of your issues, and can ultimately provide a means to solve them. Our consulting services can help you understand why a process is broken, and, more importantly, its effects on your organization. From there, we will make recommendations on how to appropriately solve these issues. Finally, we can deploy the appropriate technologies to solve the problem. In many instances, you abandon the old way of doing business, and create a new organizational paradigm.

Instead of applying a band-aid, let ISSI help you get to the true root cause.

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ISSI Workflow Assessment Guide

If you’d like to self-assess your opportunity for workflow automation or would like to learn more about how we conduct an ISSI Workflow Assessment, download our workflow assessment guide:

Workflow Assessment Guide

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