ABBYY FlexiCapture Software

Add Intelligence to Business Processes: Get Fast Usable Data from Unstructured & Structured Documents, Including AP Invoices and Employee Files

ABBYY FlexiCapture Software

ABBYY FlexiCapture from ISSI is a highly accurate, scalable data processing and document capture software that intelligently extracts, classifies and serves critical data from incoming document images, email and attachments to decision makers.

With FlexiCapture, you get far better performance, document workflow process transparency and workload predictability. This is why many other document capture vendors use ABBYY FlexiCapture under the hood of their software.

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Primary Benefits

  • Faster Revenue, Lower Operation Costs: All data coming via multiple channels and in many formats are automatically processed, classified and delivered
  • Prompt Transactions, Decisions & Actions: with data processing cycle two times shorter and high-level accuracy it is easy to meet deadlines, think and act accordingly
  • Control, Predictability, and Compliance: the platform has built-in supervisory, reporting, and dashboard tools, and provides means for distributed document processing

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Key Features

  • Extracting Data from Many Sources: no matter the format, volumes or channel, all incoming documents are captured on the spot; hand-over-hand transfer and re-mailing are no longer a must
  • Multi-Level Document Classification: based on their layout and contents, captured documents undergo automatic classification; no more manual sorting and labeling is needed
  • Data Validation and Control: once captured, business-critical data are automatically validated for accuracy and compliance; extra automatic controls help prevent fraudulent transactions
  • Visibility into Data and Processes: monitoring tools and reports on key parameters – resources, performance and accuracy – provide transparency and predictability of the process
  • Tight Integration With Business Workflows: ABBYY FlexiCapture smoothly plugs into corporate information systems – ERP, accounting systems, document management software, and CRM, including Oracle, SAP, Laserfiche, and Salesforce – and makes data-rich business processes smarter; you can choose from a set of ready-to-go connectors to faster execute complex projects and satisfy customers needs more quickly

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