Alaris Info Input

Fast, Smart & Efficient Web-Based Capture of Paper & Digital Documents

Info Input Document Capture Software | Kodak Alaris | ISSI

Info Input is a powerful web-based solution that enables capture for centralized, distributed and remote locations to validate, index, and route information to the right business applications.


  • Info Input Solution satisfies the advanced capture needs of workers that scan regularly
  • Enables easy information capture from scanning, smart devices and digital files (including email) from one application across your organization – wherever the location
  • Maintain security and capture business critical information via an app on your mobile or smart device
  • Info Input Solution allows you to capture and index from within your current business applications – no multiple systems to learn and no time wasted swapping screens
  • Info Input can connect to Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Process Management BPM, and workflow automation solutions


“This solution has virtually 100% up-time, which is amazing considering we have over 6,000 users throughout the state responding to requests for vital services.”

– IT Director, State Department of Human Services

“The combination of Kodak scanners with this solution has increased our scanning productivity by over 60%.”

– Operations Director of a major BPO provider

“This solution has exceeded all of our expectations for simplicity of implementation, use, support and security. Embedded in our New Account Opening process in over a 1,000 branch locations, and having the same solution in our centralized scanning center, further simplifies the management of users
and document capture processes.”

– Operations Manager, Global brokerage firm

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