Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture Software from ISSI

Kofax Capture is the industry leader in capturing documents and data across the enterprise. Whether your documents originate electronically or on paper, spread across hundreds of offices or at your corporate headquarters, enter your organization via fax or email, we simplify capturing them for your enterprise content management (ECM) system, line-of-business application or Microsoft SharePoint.

Kofax provides a scalable, modular approach that meets your needs as you proceed down the content management path. Kofax Capture provides a means to normalize your capture processes by using the same technologies across your capture activities. Robust features like barcode recognition, handwritten text recognition and forms processing features allow you to have one product for all capture and indexing needs. Kofax Capture is ready out-of-the-box and also supports more robust integrated data sets for your more complex, mission-critical applications. We will integrate Kofax Capture with a wide variety of popular content management applications, as well as your line of business applications, image enabling them for improved productivity.

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