Case Study: Mobile County

Alabama County Streamlines Internal Processes for Faster, Transparent Permitting, Inspection & Review

Case Study: Mobile County

Mobile County, Alabama has achieved significant process improvement leveraging OnBase document management software. Expanding the solution from a simple document storage and retrieval platform, Mobile County currently has eight departments leveraging OnBase, including its inspections department – which has achieved impactful return on investment by streamlining permitting, inspection and plan review processes and saving significant time.

Permitting Problems

Prior to implementing OnBase, Mobile County struggled with inspections, delayed processes and providing good customer service due to limited access to information. The sheer volume of permits processed, which previously averaged around 6,700 a year, was extremely difficult to manage with paper processes because county staff would spend a majority of their time looking for paperwork, which would often get lost, had illegible handwriting or unreliable data.

“Because information wasn’t easily accessible and processes weren’t transparent everything took much longer to complete and we’d often experience delays approving or providing feedback on permits, inspections and plan reviews,” said Cindy Patrick, computer systems manager at Mobile County. “OnBase has completely transformed our processes, enabling digital permitting and inspections that are completed in half the time.”

Instant Permit Access & Automated Notifications

After a permit, inspection or plan is submitted, staff have instant access to review and approve, or provide notes. Once approved, automatic email notifications are sent to requestors, viewable from any device, removing roadblocks that were caused from information lag.

“As more government entities embrace digitization, Mobile County sets a great example of the importance of expanding impactful capabilities into different departments to gain greater returns – most importantly, improved constituent service,” said Terri Jones, government portfolio manager at Hyland.

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