Case Study: Horry County

How Horry County Went Paperless & Created Efficiencies

Case Study: Horry County

The Problem

Horry County was overwhelmed with paper processes, causing their employees to waste time and effort on redundant procedures. Continually growing in size, its facilities were running out of storage space. Horry County needed a system that workers could quickly adjust to and one that could interact with legacy systems without a lot of custom programming. The county had to adopt a better way to manage its document centric processes, so it selected OnBase as its document management software solution.

“Users were blown away when they saw how much easier their lives got… they were amazed; they thought it was fantastic.”
– Tim Oliver , Assistant Director of IT/GIS, Horry County

The Solution

Horry County initially implemented OnBase in its Storm Water and Public Works departments to help track easements for water and sewer. The IT/GIS department next applied OnBase solutions to the Court Case Management and Magistrates and Engineering departments, and also upgraded the Public Works system.

Horry County relied heavily on its Internet-based GIS solution to address its analytical, statistical and mapping needs, and OnBase allowed the county to continue to use the GIS map as the main vehicle to facilitate work. Incorporating OnBase into their GIS environment has allowed policy makers in Horry County to not only keep up with the needs of a rapidly growing county, but to continue to attain excellence as a flagship community, realizing the benefits of an effective digital government.

The implementations of OnBase are able to be quickly adopted by users and fine-tuned to departmental needs. After scanning in the documents for just four months, users could see the benefits.

The Return on Investment

  • Increased Efficiency for Document Routing: the Public Works department, located 13 miles from the main offices, previously required a turnaround window of two to three days; now documents can be sent and returned instantly
  • Easy Integration: OnBase allowed Horry County to reap benefits from their existing GIS system (including Esri ArcGIS) as well as the efficiency and organization advantages that OnBase provides
  • Employee Time Saved: OnBase requires little training and employees were able to quickly adapt to the new system; OnBase also increased efficiency and reduced document requests, saving employees from performing manual processes

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