OnBase: Esri ArcGIS Integration

OnBase: Esri ArcGIS Integration from ISSI

If you’ve already made a significant investment in GIS technology, then you know it’s all about the map. Your GIS users likely spend all day with Esri ArcGIS, so why not give them access to the supporting documents they need from within their preferred system?

The OnBase Integration for Esri, implemented by ISSI, presents users with all the documents they need to make informed decisions, move business processes forward and improve customer service. It’ll also increase their productivity simply by reducing the time needed to switch between applications to hunt down pieces of information.

Now you can leverage the power of both OnBase and Esri to add your documents and content as a data layer on a map. With the geography and its related information at their fingertips, users have increased insight to make more informed and timely decisions.

By leveraging additional data layers, OnBase also displays additional context to meet the needs of insurance companies, government agencies and healthcare organizations. Users may view insurance claims on maps of storm-damaged areas or map regions affected by cases of food-borne illness for further analysis and deeper understanding.

Geographical Data Consolidated with OnBase

The OnBase Integration for Esri also allows users to:

  • Geo-enable documents within OnBase, making them available to map through the Esri integration
  • Leverage Esri’s native interactive map functionality to change the base map, alternate between views and add additional data layers for a fully customized experience
  • Save modified maps as images in OnBase for use within automated workflow processes
  • Run location analytics on existing content within OnBase

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