Brainware by Hyland

Eliminate Manual Data Entry with Intelligent Document Capture & Improve Transactional Efficiency

Brainware Advanced Capture Software

Do you suffer from process bottlenecks, inefficient and manual data entry, lost hours and rising costs?

If so, you’re not alone: over 80% of intelligence is trapped inside unstructured, unmanaged documents like invoices, employee files, contracts, and homegrown forms— making processes difficult to automate.

With Brainware by Hyland, you can transform the time-intensive task of manually processing documents into a fast and effective automated routine. Brainware’s impressive data extraction software pulls key information directly from paper and electronic documents faster and more accurately than other technologies, without requiring templates, anchors, keywords or zones.

Brainware forms a complete document processing system that combines automatic document classification, extraction, and validation, as well as archiving and uploading of data into many enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This advanced, intelligent capture technology enhances the accuracy and speed of any process that requires more than the standard character and form recognition of traditional OCR—all in a comprehensive package that delivers results from day one.

Boost Productivity Enterprise-Wide

You can use Brainware with the infrastructure you already have in place—including MFPs and document scanners from major manufacturers, as well as email servers, fax servers and other technologies. Share extracted data with other business systems in a variety of formats—XML, EDI, CSV, TXT, DBF and XLS.

Web services integration is also supported. Make processes even more efficient by combining Brainware with e-forms or Workflow in OnBase, as an integral part of your content and process management solution.

Automated Process Efficiency

Brainware brings greater efficiency and accuracy to your processes by automating the capture, extraction and verification of data from virtually any document type, and empowers you to access metrics and key performance indicators about your processes.

Structured & Semi‐Structured Documents

Brainware’s underlying architecture and engines provide the capability to capture and validate structured or semi-structured content. Whether you need to capture standard data on a structured document, variable table data on a semi-structured document, OMR marks, or bar codes, Brainware can be configured to automate your document and content requirements.

Insightful Analysis

Brainware includes reports, dashboards and analytics to provide real-time insight and analysis into your capture process with immediate access to metrics and key performance indicators. These analytic tools deliver comprehensive detailed views of key process steps, including access to metrics that show extraction rate accuracy for every document and details about overall performance—enabling timely and decisive action.

Benefits of Intelligent Capture & Data Extraction

  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Minimize errors associated with manual steps
  • Automatically verify validity and accuracy of data
  • Automatically index documents
  • Allows employees to spend more time on higher value activities
  • Minimize processing and input cycle times
  • Accelerate transaction cycles by streamlining exception handling and approval routing

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Brainware for Lending

How Brainware Works

Brainware Intelligent Capture Process


Documents enter the process from a wide variety of methods and sources: desktop scanning, MFPs, email, fax and file import.


Recognition is performed, and all eligible data values on the page are stored.


The system uses the content inside the documents to identify them automatically.

Extract & Validate

Based on document type, the system lifts field-level and line-item data without templates, anchors, keywords or zones. The data is validated against business application data to ensure accuracy.


Users can verify and correct any unsure or missing data values.


Data and documents are exported to desired system or content repository.

Analytical Reporting

Visibility reporting product provides valuable analytics that measure performance and provide information to improve extraction accuracy.

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