OnBase Oracle PeopleSoft Integration

Hyland OnBase Oracle PeopleSoft Integration

OnBase document management software automatically connects transactions managed in PeopleSoft with associated documents and processes in OnBase when implemented by ISSI.

This seamless integration allows users to retrieve and attach documents stored in OnBase to data records while working in PeopleSoft, increasing user satisfaction while also minimizing training.

And, with a system-level integration, data exchanges between OnBase and PeopleSoft ensure data and processes stay in sync.

Streamline Processes & Increase Productivity

By having ISSI integrate OnBase with your PeopleSoft applications, you provide staff with instant access to information. As a result, your organization:

  • Reduces costs by automating data exchanges and eliminating manual data entry and re-keying of information
  • Increases efficiency by eliminating application jumping and reliance on paper copies of documents
  • Simplifies document management by providing one central repository to store all incoming and outgoing PeopleSoft-related documents into OnBase

Eliminate IT Burdens

Once integrated by ISSI, your IT staff will have time to focus on more important tasks and initiatives. And without reliance on your IT staff, PeopleSoft users can:

  • Instantly access needed information from preferred applications and devices like email and mobile devices
  • Quickly add and update information, manage tasks and schedule events alongside supporting documents
  • Eliminate searching in disparate systems like spreadsheets and email for needed information

Increased Visibility & Improved Process Controls

By having ISSI integrate OnBase with your PeopleSoft applications, you will gain process consistency by increasing visibility.

OnBase also reduces costs and minimizes risk associated with compliance fees and fines by:

  • Instituting clear segregation of duties
  • Securely storing sensitive information with configured user rights
  • Providing a full audit trail for documents, processes, actions, and activities

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