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For many years, Kodak Alaris has been recognized as an industry leader in digital transformation technologies, including award-winning document scanners and information capture solutions. Kodak Alaris also provides multi-vendor support services to other companies around the world, helping them improve equipment uptime across distributed locations and optimize business processes and workflows.

One such company is Catalina, a market leader in shopper intelligence and targeted in-store media. Catalina combines the richest shopper history database in the world with its own deep analytics and insights to help retailers and brands optimize media planning, execution, and measurement.

The Challenge

Every retail location in which Catalina operates has multiple coupon printers that provide transactional value for customers. Thousands of stores depend on the operational consistency of these devices, which is why the support services team at Kodak Alaris is so important. They help ensure that Catalina’s in-store equipment is ready to transact media offers to shoppers.

The Solutions

Kodak Alaris provides an agile, distributed workforce of experienced technicians that support Catalina’s in-store retail network. The team is flexible, responsive, and positioned for growth. “When managing a vast network with such a large in-store equipment install base, it’s important that our suppliers like Kodak Alaris are nimble enough to meet or exceed evolving demands,” said Christopher Varley, Global Sr. Director of Network Management at Catalina.

“The consistency of the Kodak Alaris services team has significantly improved our equipment uptime.”
– Roger Bias, Technical Field Operations Manager at Catalina

When equipment requires service, Catalina triggers a dispatch to Kodak Alaris service reps. Kodak Alaris professionals respond quickly to resolve issues on site, while also providing information to help prevent further service calls of the same kind. It’s a process of continual improvement designed to reduce the number of future support requests.

“Catalina’s partnership with Kodak Alaris enables us to meet increased expectations from our in-store retail and CPG partners. Improved equipment uptime and service-level consistency are key success enablers.”
– Christopher Varley, Global Sr. Director of Network Management at Catalina

In addition to servicing devices on site, the team at Kodak Alaris continually looks for opportunities to optimize site operations, including improvements to employee workflows and device replacements. Our field reps ensure that retail locations are fully operational before leaving a site.

This process of continual improvement and information sharing has fostered a symbiotic relationship that’s highly collaborative and focused on the customer. “The markets we serve are highly dynamic, requiring us to invest in new tools that enable us to manage our service KPIs in real time to deliver sustained success,” said Roger Bias at Catalina.

The Result

Ongoing improvement initiatives help make this collaboration successful. Together, Catalina and Kodak Alaris track Key Performance Indicators, including:

  • Average Time on Site
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) which is a KPI measuring equipment reliability in terms of the amount of time between one device failure and the next
  • Mean Time Between Visits (MTBV), and
  • PPK, a process performance index

Catalina and Kodak Alaris hold weekly calls and share access to performance dashboards for reporting and mutual progress updates. The entire reporting system is transparent; everyone can see the repairs requested, the location, and the time spent to resolve issues.

This collaborative approach and the responsiveness of the Kodak Alaris team has enabled Catalina to improve its average resolution time from 36 hours to 24 hours and significantly improve overall equipment uptime.

“Catalina’s partnership with Kodak Alaris enables us to meet increased expectations from our in-store retail and CPG partners. Improved equipment uptime and service-level consistency are key success enablers,” said Christopher Varley at Catalina.

A Partnership That Promotes Growth

For Catalina, it’s critical that in-store equipment is always ready to deliver personalized offers to shoppers. The high level of execution from the Kodak Alaris Support Services team complements Catalina’s goal to reliably deliver value to customers.

It’s important to point out that the devices being serviced across these retail locations are not manufactured by Kodak Alaris. As a multi-vendor service organization, the support technicians at Kodak Alaris are experts in servicing equipment from a variety of other manufacturers, helping companies of all kinds to automate business processes and drive service-level improvements.

Kodak Alaris Support Services are tailored to the specific business needs, challenges, and infrastructure requirements of each customer. With an exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 90%, Kodak Alaris has the proven track record and customer loyalty required to help position businesses for growth and long-term success.

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