Kodak Scanner Consumables

ISSI offers supplies and consumables for all KODAK Scanners. For optimal feeder performance and image quality, we recommend using professional cleaning materials and consumable items, such as:

  • Roller cleaning pads
  • Transport cleaning sheets
  • Staticide wipes
  • Calibration targets
  • Feeder and Separation rollers
  • Lamps
  • Ink cartridges
  • Imaging guides

Usage figures of supplies and consumables are not guaranteed. Customer operating environments, document type, the condition of the documents being scanned, and not following the recommended cleaning and replacement procedures can cause the life of the consumables to vary.

This page contains catalog numbers and descriptions for supplies and consumables used with KODAK Scanners. The guidelines specified in this document are based on testing by Kodak Alaris.

  • Calibration Target: a calibration target will last longer if the recommended maintenance of the scanner is followed. Variables such as paper types (e.g. carbonless paper), dirty feed rollers, which can transfer debris on the target, etc. will shorten the usage of the calibration target. Always clean your scanner before calibrating.
  • Imaging Guides: imaging guides may need to be replaced if you notice degrading image quality or if something happens to the white patch on the imaging guide.
    • Degrading image quality: (e.g. a consistent streak in most/all images that does not disappear after cleaning the imaging guides). Visually inspect the imaging guides to see if they are heavily scratched. If so, the imaging guides may need to be replaced.
    • White patch: White patches are not on all imaging guides. The i800, i1800, i700, i600, i1400, i200, i100, 4500, 3590C Scanners and 5000/7000 Series Scanners include a white patch. Visually inspect the white patch and look for signs of aging (discoloration of the patch). If the patch shows discoloration, replace the imaging guide or call Service.
  • Tires: KODAK Scanners use replaceable tires that can feed a wide range of document types, sizes and thicknesses. Tire life and performance will vary based on the customer’s document set, frequency of cleaning the transport and tires, and following the recommended schedule for changing tires. You should change the tires if you notice an increase in multiple feeds or stoppages, or a decrease in feeder performance that is not resolved by following the cleaning procedures.

General Consumables for All Kodak Scanners

The consumables listed below are for use with all KODAK Scanners except as noted. Please see individual scanners for consumables and accessories specific to your model.

CAT No. Description


KODAK Roller Cleaning Pads
Includes: 24 per package
Usage: approximately one pad per day or more frequently if required.


KODAK Transport Cleaning Sheets
Includes: 50 sheets per package
Usage: 2 to 4 sheets per 8-hour shift/machine.


Staticide Wipes / for KODAK Scanners
Includes: 6 boxes of 24
Usage: approximately 1 per day.

NOTE: Staticide Wipes are not for use with the KODAK Picture Saver Scanning System /PS400/PS800/PS50/PS55/PS80; KODAK Picture Saver Scanning System PS450 or the KODAK s1220 Photo Scanning System.


Brillianize Detailer Wipes / for KODAK Scanners
Includes: 12 dual packets with a microfiber cloth
Usage: these cleaning pads are an alternative to the Staticide wipes for cleaning and polishing of the scanner’s image guides when scanning in color. Do not use these wipes on the feeding or transport rollers.


Scanner Consumables for Scanner Hardware from ISSI

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