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ISSI Document Management Solutions for Human Resource Departments

At each phase of your relationship with your employees, there is a document involved. The hiring and on-boarding process generate required paperwork. Ongoing employment generates reviews, training certifications and benefits administration. Upon separation, local, state and federal agencies require organizations to maintain their employee files. Managing these paper documents can be quite challenging.

Let ISSI provide you a complete human resources documentation solution. We have expertise to deliver a technology solution using market leading ECM solutions. Regardless of the process, no matter how the document arrives, via email, fax or internal HRIS system, we enable you to proactively manage the documents that drive your HR processes. You reduce your corporate risk by having all of your documents in one place, and having a systematic means of managing them.

Our BPO solutions enable you to tackle your existing files quickly and efficiently. We will take all of your existing records, and digitally convert them into electronic files. You will immediately recover office space, and get rid of the paper. Whether on your site or at one of our facilities, we help you get rid of the paper and the printers, copiers and toner used to create them.

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ISSI Workflow Assessment Guide

If you’d like to self-assess your opportunity for workflow automation or would like to learn more about how we conduct an ISSI Workflow Assessment, download our workflow assessment guide:

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