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Organizations today rely on data to deliver but this data is often trapped in documents requiring slow and error-prone manual processes to extract and convert the data into a useful form.

When implemented by ISSI, Hyperscience allows you to spend less time keying so you can make better decisions, faster. This is especially true for the hardest documents from which to automatically extract data: handwritten forms.

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Why Use Hyperscience

Accelerate Time to Value

Get up and running in a matter of weeks with 75-95% automation out of the box when implemented by ISSI. Hyperscience’s intuitive UI, open API and pre-trained models will start helping you process documents in no time.

Slash Document Handling Time

Experience how Hyperscience reads through any document imperfection quickly and accurately. Hyperscience can read text like a human, but faster, using neural networks.

Process More Challenging Documents without Human Intervention

Hyperscience’s built-in quality assurance, performance reporting and best-in-class extraction work together to process your documents with minimal human intervention while giving you visibility into human and solution performance.

Never doubt the quality of your document processing technology ever again.

How Hyperscience Works: Modular Blocks


Quick extraction of data regardless of inbound document type: structured or semi-structured. Reduce average handling times to improve customer experience. Increase throughput of dedicated keying teams. Accelerate your shared services transformation.


Easily classify and separate incoming documents. Eliminate manual processes and provide immediate access to data. Reduce issues with routing documents to the wrong department due to slow, error-prone and manual document handling.


Grouping and ordering of documents to facilitate further processing or storage. Collation keeps shared context across separate documents within a transaction.


Build decision points into your workflows and manage the flow of information based on already processed data and inputs from external systems.


Data fields, context and entities are identified, validated against 3rd party data or external sources and automatically processed according to your logic.


Custom block behavior configured through code. Your company may have logic, tasks and processes that are unique to the way you run your business. Design and build custom blocks with maximum flexibility.

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