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Document Storage & Scan-on-Demand Service | ISSI

In our multitude of service bureau locations throughout the Southeast, we offer secure storage for your paper documents – but only for as long as you need to store them, and not a moment longer.

The Best Part: we never charge you hostage fees, which is a common practice of large records management and document storage facilities who will gouge you on price when you actually need to retrieve a file or box.


Most likely, not all of your documents need to be scanned. Some documents need to be retained for an extended period of time because of their retention requirements but, if there’s a minimal need to ever retrieve them, it may be better to store them and destroy them once their retention period has expired. We offer certified document destruction for these documents.

If these documents are needed, we’ll pull them, scan them and upload them into your document management system instead of physically transporting them – although that is an option, if desired.


In addition to scanning documents in storage when needed or scanning them all at once as part of a backfile conversion, we can store of all of your documents initially and scan a portion of them each year until they’re gone. For a large backfile, we may scan them all over 2-5 years – in addition to scan-on-demand for any documents needed in the interim.

Most records management providers will not offer this service because they want to bill you for storage and retrieval services in perpetuity.

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