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There are several ways to incorporate information from documents into business processes. You can manually enter data, but that is labor intensive and error-prone. You can capture information from fax and EDI, but these are rapidly becoming obsolete. Email is great but usually represents a separate information silo. So what’s the best way to integrate documents into a business process? Two words: document imaging.

Document imaging encompasses the ability to electronically capture document-based information, most of which is trapped on paper. Organizations need a way to scan these documents, often in high volumes, and integrate the extracted information with ERP, document management and/or other line-of-business applications, especially accounting/financial systems for invoice processing.

Scanners and capture software are two the main two components of document capture. ISSI represents document scanners from leading vendors, such as Kodak Alaris and Fujitsu. Because these scanners rely on third-party applications to capture information in high volumes and for quality control, ISSI represents the industry leaders ABBYY, AnyDoc and Kofax. For organizations that would rather outsource the scanning of their documents, we also offer both onsite and offsite document scanning services. Learn more by clicking on one of the links below and click here to learn more about advanced capture & OCR:

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