OnBase Web Server

Hyland OnBase Web Server

OnBase Web Server provides Hyland OnBase users with secure, web-based access to enterprise data, documents, and real‑time interactions with business processes from anywhere and at anytime. The OnBase Web Server can improve how you do business with customers, constituents, extranet partners, and remote employees. Web browsers function as secure internet or intranet clients that connect to a centrally managed OnBase Web Server.

What You Get

  • Remote & Public Access: for consumers, remote employees and business partners via standard internet browsers
  • Centralized Administration: server-based as opposed to client-based
  • Customization: supported using standard development technologies
  • Browser Ease-of-Use: reduces the need for end-user training
  • Personalization: easily accomplished with point-and-click configurable interfaces


Hyland OnBase Web Server

Standard browsers function as secure web-based clients to the centrally managed OnBase Web Server. The architecture allows the separation of the Web Server and Application Server, providing enhanced performance, scalability, and security options.


C‑Level User

Web Server’s StatusView interface enables a personalized, executive dashboard views to be created and assigned to executive users allowing views of multiple work low queues, standard query results and other regularly accessed content through a single interface. Efficient execution of a number of diverse tasks is accomplished without the need for excessive navigation through multiple modules.

Remote & Public Access

The OnBase Web Server improves the ways that organizations do business with public customers, extranet partners and remote employees. Collaboration between users is efficiently increased by allowing the sharing of the same documents and information simultaneously.

Multiple Locations & Time-Sensitive Information

The browser-based ease-of-use of OnBase Web Server simple interface allows users quick and reliable access to up-to-date documents, records and information from any location. Having current, time-sensitive information immediately available to every location can dramatically reduce service related errors and associated risks.

Key Features

  • Deployment Flexibility: with a scalable architecture and two client versions available, including a feature‑rich ActiveX client for Windows Internet Explorer and a cross-browser, zero-footprint HTML client
  • StatusView Interface: allows point‑and‑click configuration of personalized, portal‑like interfaces for a group or individual user that focuses them on the content, and functionality they need most frequently
  • DocPop, FolderPop, PDFPop and FormPop: rapid development tools for point‑and‑click generation of secure URLs, allows administrators to provide access to OnBase content from any existing corporate intranet, extranet or internet sites
  • LoginFormProc: allows e-forms hosted on any website to be securely submitted into OnBase, and trigger workflow processes


Web Server Standard Retrieval of a Multi‑Page Image Document

Hyland OnBase Web Server Inerface

Web Server StatusView Interface

Hyland OnBase Web Server Inerface

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