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The Challenge

The County Clerk’s Office in Bexar County, Texas serves as an inspiring tale for all organizations struggling with gigantic backlogs of paper records—especially government offices that are challenged with a constant stream of incoming documents and long-standing records retention mandates.

Bexar County is one of the 20 largest counties in the US. The Capital City is San Antonio, and that includes The Alamo, so there is a lot of history there and tons of paper records stored in various locations. When Lucy Adame-Clark took on her role as the Bexar County Clerk, she inherited a backlog of over 40 years of paper records filed away in enough boxes to fill a warehouse. This included Civil and Criminal Court records, Deeds of Trust, Probate, and many other records associated with the County Clerk, Courts, and Treasurer.

On top of that, she had to quickly innovate and modernize the document management operations for several government offices across the county. A collaboration between Bexar County staff, Compu-Data International, and Kodak Alaris finally brought Bexar County’s document management into the digital age.

The Solution

Bexar County relies on Kodak Info Input Solution and Kodak i4250 Scanners to help address their document management challenges. In Lucy’s first term, the County Clerk’s office was able to digitize and improve access to over half of their paper backlog. Now in her second term, they expect to fully process their remaining backlog. In addition, their new document workflows now capture paper documents as they come in, without creating any new backlog.

With guidance from Compu-Data and Kodak Alaris, they have moved their document scanners to the front counters so they can automatically classify new records and upload the data into their court system without delay.

The Results

The results so far have been an enormous relief to county staff and the community they serve. Their operational efficiency has been vastly improved across all offices. All departments were able to modernize their processes and become a lot more productive. Bexar County’s employees are no longer buried in monotonous paperwork, and other government agencies and the public can access important information in real time. Staff are now available to focus on community service and the needs of their citizens instead of shuffling paper.

In short, this digitization initiative has significantly improved the service provided to the community, elevated employee morale, and expedited the workings of the court system.

As Bexar County continues to stride into the future, Kodak Alaris solutions will continue to play an integral role in streamlining document workflows and improving community services. This successful implementation demonstrates how Kodak Alaris solutions can help organizations around the world succeed on their digitization journey, yielding quick results and a lasting return on investment.

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