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Case Study: Reducing Legacy Document Capture Software Costs

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Legacy Document Capture Software

Is your document capture software costing more than the value it provides? Here’s what one government agency did about it.

ISSI recently worked with a state department of labor to replace their costly document capture software that was hurting them more than it was helping, at least financially.

Many organizations are unaware of how much their legacy capture software is costing them – especially when their document scanning volume decreases.

After their document capture vendor refused to stop charging them for licenses no longer used and volumes that plummeted, a change was needed for this government agency – a change was needed that saved them over $30,000 initially and $6,000 per year going forward along with a lot of frustration, and they can now scan, index, and QC remotely.

Upgrading to Cloud Document Capture

It all started when the government agency had to replace two scanning workstations from Windows 7 because of a flood. Having to use Windows 10, meant the image enhancement functionality had to be upgraded to be compatible with their document capture software, which also needed to be upgraded and created an incompatibility with their FileNet 5.0 connector. To make matters worse, the legacy document capture software was already out of sync with their server prior to upgrading, creating licensing problems.

Upgrading their entire legacy document capture system to address these issues was going to cost at least $40,000 with another $8,000 in maintenance per year plus an annual 5% maintenance increase. Not only was this costly, but they no longer needed all the licenses they were paying for. They were using nine concurrent licenses that covered up to 1.3 million images per year despite only needing to scan 60,000 pages per year with five licenses. When they requested an adjustment, the document capture vendor flat out refused.

As with most on-premise document capture software vendors, the cost never decreases even when your volumes do – a common situation considering that more documents needing processing are now email attachments instead of paper. Maintenance costs 20% of the original purchase price for on-premise and also increases 3-5% per year – what a racket!

Additionally, the government agency wants their employees to work remotely, using their laptops to index and QC from their home office. However, their legacy document capture system lacked the necessary remote support for this to happen.

ISSI proposed Alaris Info Input, a document capture solution capable of scaling to the needs of the organization – and it’s even compatible with FileNet 5.0. With Info Input, the solution cost 25% of what they were going to have to pay to get their old system working again and the annual maintenance costs are less than half of what they had been paying.

Are You Tired of Increasing License Costs?

License costs typically increase by 3-5% per year, but what happens when you no longer require the scope you once did?

Organizations often need a more robust solution at the beginning of their document digitization journey; as their files are placed into the cloud, the need for capture and scanning decreases.

As your paper volume declines, your solution should reflect this change in need, but many clients are stuck paying for legacy solutions that cost more than their worth. At ISSI, we work closely with clients to find the right sized document scanning and capture solution for your organization.

A solution such as Alaris Info Input adjusts to your needs while providing browser-based document scanning, open architecture for use with multifunction printers (MFPs), and more. Empower your teams with technology that supports their needs without overcharging your organization.

Ready to get started? Contact the ISSI team for an evaluation of your legacy scanning system. We’ll help you determine whether your existing solution is helping or hurting your organization.

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