KOMpliance Secure Storage Software

KOMpliance Secure Storage Software 

KOMpliance software creates a safety net around data by safeguarding data privacy and security, enforcing data protection and encryption. Built-in N-directional replication provides high-availability to simplify disaster recovery. Running on Microsoft Windows Server or Virtual machines, KOMpliance software does not require any hardware, and protects data using existing infrastructure.

The primary focus of KOMpliance is to protect data and address business continuity requirements including accessibility, availability and compliance. Much of the information that companies depend on will outlast the infrastructure, meaning that data will have to be moved. KOMpliance is designed to ensure that data remains accessible throughout its lifecycle.

Hyland OnBase Users

Your OnBase data is too important to lose, too sensitive to be seen or stolen and too critical to be compromised, corrupted or modified. KOMpliance creates another layer of control over the security and privacy of corporate information for documents and data stored in OnBase thanks to the integration between the two products. KOMpliance enforces what users are permitted to do instead of what they are privileged to do. Data breaches can be accidental or malicious, so KOMpliance hides sensitive files and documents rendering them invisible to all those who are not authorized to know of their existence.

Dark Security

KOMpliance protects data from hackers, malware and other threats as well as to enforce security by preventing unauthorized access.

N-Way Replication

KOMpliance maintains multiple copies for disaster recovery, streamline failover and availability (users don’t need to know) and simplifies migration – just replicate!

Unconditional Data Protection

KOMpliance protects against internal threats (even from IT administrators) and encrypts without key management headaches.

Data security Everywhere

KOMpliance enforces security independent of infrastructure, no matter where you go.

Support Migration & Infrastructure Transformation

You can mix and match any configuration (VM or physical), and Windows versions.

Sustainable Green Archive Volumes

With KOMpliance, no hardware is required, there are no forklift upgrades and you can use any storage resources and virtualized infrastructure.

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