What Is ECM in the Cloud?

Hyland from ISSI

Sometimes people ask the question, “What is ECM in the cloud?” and that’s kind of the wrong question to ask. The right question is, “What is ECM?” and once you understand that then you understand what should be expected within the cloud.

So enterprise content management, you think about the classic applications of it where you capture millions of documents and pieces of information and manage it in a centralized system. You then totally change the processes by automating steps within a process and building applications for users to manage and access the data they need on a daily basis. You think about integrating that information with your other core system like your ERP systems and your specific line of business applications. And then, gaining insights and reporting capabilities, and ultimately, managing the long-term retention of all of the information.

ECM & All of the Advantages of the Cloud

Once all of that is happening, the ability to access from anywhere on a variety of devices is the true benefit of enterprise content management. So back to the question, “What is enterprise content management?” or “What is ECM in the cloud?” It’s all of that with all of the benefits that the cloud brings you. And that is what the OnBase Cloud is all about.

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