OnBase: Automated Redaction

Hyland OnBase Software from ISSI

Automated redaction expands the document and data security within Hyland OnBase document management software by evaluating selected documents for sensitive information. Private information can be detected and securely removed from image documents in a consistent and automated way. Using character recognition, pattern analysis or configured zones, every page of a document is evaluated for information that should be removed. Documents can be placed for review before being permanently redacted. Private or confidential information cannot be viewed on the redacted image documents, even when exported outside of your OnBase system.


  • Reduces time and effort required to obscure private or confidential information on unstructured documents
  • Blocks access of confidential data, originally viewable on the documents
  • Safeguards confidential information from those who do not need it, even when documents are shared outside of OnBase
  • Lessens risk of redaction error or missed redactions, by automatically using OCR technology to evaluate a document
  • Eliminates the burden of managing additional applications to perform redaction


OnBase Automated Redaction Design

Redactions are configured by Document Type, using defined character strings or regular expressions. Image documents can be processed in bulk or in an ad-hoc manner. The processor places Pending Redaction Note annotations on the document in the review window. Once a user reviews the document in the Client, and approves the document redactions, they are permanently burned into the image so that the selected text is no longer viewable. The redaction process can also be automated, without user review.


Government Agencies

When responding to requests for sensitive material, organizations need to make sure they are not releasing confidential or private information. Automated Redaction gives users the ability to select the documents and automatically have those documents reviewed by the OCR engine to identify the information in each document that needs to be redacted, based on the Document Type. Documents can then be released and securely shared. More government solutions >

Legal Documents & Litigation

When documents are provided to courts and legal counsel, they often need to have confidential information redacted so that personal information is not disclosed without appropriate consent. Using Automated Redaction can save hundreds of hours of reviewing and manually redacting documents. This reduces the cost of the redaction effort and speeds the availability of documents to the legal teams.

Key Features

  • Detects Keyword values, specific text strings or patterned regular expressions assigned by Document Type
  • Automatically places Pending Automated Redaction Note highlights on documents for redaction
  • Documents can be reviewed by a user for correctness before permanent redaction occurs
  • Documents are processed in bulk, or can be performed in an ad-hoc manner
  • Securely redacts documents by burning-in each redaction over the detected information on the image
  • Supports both image and PDF files. PDF documents will create a new redacted image file


OnBase Automated Redaction Screen Shot 1

Documents pending review show the pending redaction as well as the text that will be removed.

OnBase Automated Redaction Screen Shot 2

The redaction document viewed before (with identified text highlighted for review) and after redaction.

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