Medical Records Classification

Hyland OnBase Software from ISSI

Automate medical records classification tasks by leveraging OnBase enterprise information platform to save staff time and reduce cost.

When implemented by ISSI, Medical Records Classification can help you improve critical Health Information Management (HIM) accuracy, speed and consistency. Hyland Intelligent MedRecords utilizes the patented Brainware Intelligent Classification technology and automatically captures, identifies and assigns document types – with the option to assign visit numbers and patient identifiers – and routes exceptions to staff for review.

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Competitive Advantage of Automating Medical Records Classification Tasks

Nearly 80 percent of patient information is trapped in unstructured documents. Managing this information accurately is critical to the HIM department’s ability to maintain legal medical records. Being able to do so quickly, however, offers organizations a competitive advantage. All the data that is scanned, classified and indexed by the Hyland solution is immediately available to support needs across the enterprise for patient care, research, legal, etc., and there’s a complete audit trail to aid compliance with patient privacy and security.

By automating these time-consuming, error-prone classification tasks, Hyland’s Intelligent MedRecords gives your organization an edge over those still relying on slow, inefficient manual classification and indexing processes.

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