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Information governance is a struggle for many organizations. In today’s reality of increasing content volume, new regulatory demands, compliance risks and rising costs, wrangling information chaos is essential.

Common challenges faced in controlling business information include:

  • Manage records manually
  • Exponentially growing records
  • Files spread out across various systems
  • Records management policies that can’t reach files on employee desktops
  • E-discovery and legal holds demanding a massive effort
  • Storage costs eating into your IT budget

What Is Information Governance?

Information governance is how you manage the lifecycle of your business information in a way that maximizes its value while remaining secure and compliant with industry and regulatory requirements.

Modern organizations ingest and manage a staggering amount of data spread across myriad systems and devices. As the volume and diversity of this information grows, effective governance of it becomes increasingly challenging.

Without an effective information governance software strategy, your business is in danger of delivering less value to the organization and creating unnecessary security and compliance risks.

By automating your information governance with document management software, you’re building the foundation and accessing the tools to govern your information lifecycle successfully.

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Information Governance Optimization

When implemented by ISSI, OnBase document management software helps make information governance easier, stronger and more cost-efficient by using automation, artificial intelligence, and other digital solutions.

Speak with one of our information governance experts to learn how we can help you:

  • Break away from the inefficiency of manual processes
  • Centrally govern files across different systems
  • Bring employees’ local files under compliance control
  • Respond effortlessly to e-discovery and audit requests
  • Slash the costs of long-term record preservation
  • Effectively address regulatory requirements
  • Keep your organization out of unwanted headlines

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