Case Study: Southern Company


Leading Utility Adds a Spark to its Processes with ECM

The Challenge

Document Management Case Study: Southern Company

With the responsibility of generating nearly 46,000 megawatts of electricity to serve 4.4 million retail customers across four states, easy and direct access to information is an important part of business for Southern Company.

So when the existing document management system for one of its subsidiaries – Georgia Power – was no longer being supported by the vendor, Southern Company needed a solution that could overcome more problems than just the storage and retrieval of documents. It needed a solution that could integrate and communicate with its existing Esri ArcGIS system, while also laying a foundation to build on for years to come.

The utility turned to ISSI to implement OnBase document management software.

The Solution

Working with ISSI, Southern Company implemented the enterprise content management (ECM) solution, OnBase, to help simplify the company’s storage of land records. By integrating with the Esri ArcGIS system, OnBase enables users to pull up all documents associated with a specific plot of land from directly within Esri via a simple mouse-click.

As the company scans new land records into OnBase, the solution also assists with the categorization and association to the correct plot of land within Esri. Lessening the demand of manually indexing and retrieving documents allows employees more time to focus on serving customers.

The simplified retrieval also extends beyond the company’s physical offices. OnBase enables employees to access records while working remotely as well. That way, fewer trips into the office are necessary than in the past – saving time and money.

Beyond the land records department, OnBase has also laid out the blueprint for process improvements in other departments. OnBase makes it easier for documents to make it into the appropriate hands for review or associates them with the correct records.

In over 450 different processes, OnBase has become the end point to store the final package of documents, creating one central location for much of Southern Company’s content and information. This lessens the need for employees to track documents and processes.

And because documents are used in almost every process throughout the company, OnBase provides a foundation that every department has the option to build on moving forward. The enterprise approach taken in designing OnBase enables it to be rolled out to departments gradually, allowing for a methodical approach to expansion – simplifying the company’s IT growth.

The ISSI OnBase Difference

Employees Become More Self-sufficient

OnBase simplified the search for land records and supplied employees with additional help to find what they needed.

Centralize Document Storage for Quicker Resolutions to Service Calls

At Southern Company, OnBase acts as the end point for the storage of packaged documents for over 450 different processes in the land records department alone. With one central location controlling a department’s documents, processes run smoother, enabling staff to meet customers’ needs faster.

Build a Foundation to Improve Processes Across the Organization

By deploying OnBase in the land records department, Southern Company has laid the building blocks to simplify the storage of documents and information throughout the organization – providing an option for simplified approach to IT growth for the entire company.

Eliminate Wasted Time

OnBase supplies remote access to documents for employees, allowing them to access land records and information while away from the office – saving time and money by eliminating the need to travel to offices just to look at documents.

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