Scanner Installation, Maintenance & Customer Support

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Scanner Installation

Whether it’s an entry-level Epson or Fujitsu scanner or Kodak Alaris big iron hardware, we’ll ensure :

  • Your document scanners are compatible with Windows 10 or whatever operating system you’re using, installed properly and optimized for use with your document capture software
  • Your users are trained
  • You have the right maintenance plan.

Scanner Maintenance & Support

We’ve seen it all. Scanning paper can be a dirty business. Staples, paper clips, ink and chemicals from the paper degrade the working components of a scanner. Not unlike a car, a scanner requires regular maintenance to assure that it is operating at peak condition. While routine maintenance is usually performed by the end user, components can fail or break from an unforeseen condition.

Having an annual maintenance agreement with ISSI assures that your scanner will be operating at peak efficiency throughout the scanner’s life. An annual maintenance agreement provides predictable budgeting for your ongoing maintenance costs, eliminating any surprise charges. If your scanner does happen to go down, you know you can count on us to be there to get it back up and running quickly.

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