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Over the past 20 years, a major insurance provider which operates across thousands of locations in the U.S. has taken delivery of some 70,000 scanners from Kodak Alaris. This latest technology refresh, fulfilled through Kodak Alaris partner Datamation Imaging, included investment in more than five thousand Kodak S2070 and Kodak E1035 Scanners.

The Challenge

The company digitizes hundreds of thousands of documents during a typical week. Items that need to be quickly scanned and input into business processes include customer correspondence, applications for new policies, IDs and passports, claim forms, receipts and larger size documents. As part of its security protocol, the firm’s policy is to only utilize dedicated scanners company-wide because, unlike other capture devices (e.g. MFPs), no latent data is stored post-scanning.

Speed, quality and reliability were key criteria, as was functionality, since the types of documents scanned vary greatly in terms of size, paper type and quality, and items such as passports need to be handled differently than a single sheet of paper. Plus, with desk space at a premium, the company specified that the new models must have a small footprint, ensuring they could sit comfortably on an agent’s desktop.

The Solution

Having enjoyed success and realized significant productivity gains with the E1035 Scanner from Kodak Alaris in recent months, the insurance company selected this model as its primary device. In order to address the requirement for higher volume sites, Kodak Alaris and Datamation recommended the Kodak S2070 Scanner. These powerful desktop devices are designed to significantly reduce the time spent dealing with documents and boost productivity by handling more of the work traditionally done by people, computers and mobile devices. All scanners come with a three-year warranty and for additional piece of mind, Kodak Alaris and Datamation created a customized service and repair package for the company.

The Results

One of the biggest benefits of Kodak Alaris’ ecosystem approach is that its solutions are modular. “It’s great the way you can plug accessories into the scanner,” said David Ruschel, Owner, Datamation. “Other vendors have scanners that are fast and deliver decent quality. But no other vendor has a complete platform that’s modular and scalable to meet our customers’ needs like Kodak Alaris can.”

Kodak Alaris’ Smart Touch technology has also been a key differentiator and just one of the reasons the company continues to reinvest in scanners from Kodak Alaris. Smart Touch makes it very easy to scan and send a file automatically to a folder. It’s widely used across the country and has literally saved many steps and a significant amount of time previously spent setting up jobs to go to the correct destination.

Digitizing documents fast and efficiently is a key business requirement, so while the scanners’ fast processing speeds and reliability deliver a significant value-add, where Kodak Alaris technology really comes into its own is with superior image quality – a critically important factor for the insurance industry.

Image quality impacts a number of time and cost-intensive potential bottlenecks in the scanning process, particularly document preparation. Kodak Alaris’ Perfect Page technology ensures crisp, clear images even when the original documents contain blemishes, unclear images or lighter text.

The scanners also offer advanced paper handling technology which serves to optimize scanning. “Paper handling is a big differentiator,” said Ruschel. “The customer really likes the way the scanners from Kodak Alaris feed.”

The insurance company handles a wide variety of document types and many of these do not arrive in perfect condition. Papers are often folded, corners are bent or torn, and the media may be wrinkled or lightweight. These scanners from Kodak Alaris feature a straight through transport, which has been optimized for latitude and paper condition to ensure a wide range of paper sizes and thickness pass through smoothly. Other value-add features of the S2070 model include Active Feed Technology which ensures paper documents are fed smoothly and efficiently and controlled output stacking makes sure documents are neatly stacked in the correct order in the output tray. The S2070 and E1035 models both feature Intelligent Document Protection, meaning multi-feeds or paper jams are either avoided or discovered before they happen, which brings additional productivity benefits.

“Kodak Alaris is a partner that we depend on because they have never let us or our customers down,” Ruschel stated.

“A customer could ask for anything, even on short notice, and Kodak Alaris has never said, ‘no.’ It has always been, ‘what do you need and when do you need it?’ Whether it’s to configure a scanner for a specific client or create a special service program to fit a client’s needs – it’s never a problem. And it had been like this since day one, for the past 20 years!” he concluded.

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