Accounts Receivable

ISSI Document Management Solutions for the Accounts Receivables Department

Efficiently communicating billing activities to your customer base can result in increased cash flow. Faster invoice delivery, streamlined collection activities and improved account visibility all lead to getting paid faster. Automating these activities enables your organization to decrease days sales outstanding (DSO) with fewer resources.

Let ISSI show you how we can help decrease DSO and improve your cash flow. Our AR solutions enable your organization to deliver invoices faster to your customers. Whether by fax, email or paper, our solutions get invoices into their hands faster. Our integrations with popular email packages enable you to electronically capture all communications and connect it to your line of business applications, improving visibility across the organization. We can also help you organize your AR staff’s time by electronically prioritizing collection activities, assuring that you are always working on the highest priority invoices.

Let’s have a conversation about your AR processes, and how we can help improve them.

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ISSI Workflow Assessment Guide

If you’d like to self-assess your opportunity for workflow automation or would like to learn more about how we conduct an ISSI Workflow Assessment, download our workflow assessment guide:

Workflow Assessment Guide

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