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Leverage Your Information the Instant It Arrives

Capture is the critical starting point of your information management journey. The sooner you get incoming content and data into your key systems and into the hands of those who need it, the more efficient your employees and downstream processes will be. Regardless of how much automation you have, workflows can’t be kicked off without the appropriate information first.

Many organizations still rely on paper documents and tedious, error-prone manual data entry to get information into their core business systems. As the volume of documents from disparate sources, formats and locations grows by the day, it becomes too much to manage.

To keep up with the demand and keep your customers happy, data capture software helps you gain control over incoming documents and easily extract necessary data whenever and wherever it enters your organization.

Multi-Channel Capture & Scanning

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Control the Chaos: Without the right solution, legacy systems and processes throughout your organization create a backlog of paper and information that leads to high storage costs, trapped data and increasing compliance risks. Combine that with an increased rate of incoming information volumes and formats, and you get full-fledged information chaos.

Hyland offers a full range of document scanning and information capture tools to help you manage documents and content from the moment they enter your organization – ensuring the chaos never begins.

Intelligent Capture & Data Extraction

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Reduce Manual Data Entry: To truly propel your digital transformation efforts, you need a solution that automatically finds and extracts the crucial, process-driving data found on incoming documents. Otherwise, manual data entry will still leave the door open for input errors, slowed processes and inaccurate decisions.

Hyland capture solutions automatically classify your documents and accurately extract critical information through a series of intelligent capture tools to ensure processes move quickly and you data is accurate.

Proven Solutions

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Experience & Expertise You Can Trust: Hyland capture solutions package together the capture and automation tools that our decades of experience have shown will get the most out of your processes. Built with flexibility and scalability in mind, our data capture software combines document capture, data extraction, system integrations and deployment options to answer the needs of your organization and industry.

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Multi-Channel Capture to Data Extraction to the Cloud & More

ISSI, a platinum reseller of Hyland Software’s OnBase, offers a suite of information capture solutions to help you reduce manual processing and get information into the hands of those who need it quickly. Our products:

  • Capture incoming information wherever and however it enters your organization
  • Verify captured information and turn it into actionable data
  • Easily update core systems with incoming information through integrations

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