Case Study: Mecklenburg County

North Carolina County Goes Paperless

Records Management Case Study: Mecklenburg County | ISSI

With ISSI as their partner, Mecklenburg County has developed a countywide records classification and destruction policy, and has driven successful document imaging and enterprise content management (ECM) implementations.

All of the above was achieved with executive sponsorship, gained user acceptance through a practice of participation, utilized standard project management principles, and intelligently addressed decisions about when and how to rely on outside vendors for implementation and conversion support.

Document Scanning & Records Management Achievements

Mecklenburg County started utilizing ISSI for document scanning and electronic records management (ERM) project in 2007 and our footprint has grown into the following:

  • Usage by over 7,000 users in over 27 departments
  • Access for the public through four web portals
  • 20 terabytes of data
  • Backfile document scanning of over 20,000,000 pages for Land Use & Environmental Services Agency (LUESA)

Best Practices

As documented by Mecklenburg County, the following are best practices for any government document imaging and ECM system:

  • Plan up front
  • Break up the work
  • Dedicate a resource
  • Communicate
  • Collect and provide feedback
  • Obtain buy-in
  • Build a team: subject matter experts, champions, executive sponsorship, and vendor collaboration
  • Document
  • Manifest
  • Scan-on-demand
  • Overcome challenges: hesitations, unexpected roadblocks, unresponsiveness, taxonomy development, project scope, change requests, retention schedules, training

Contact us and we can elaborate on each best practice for you and evaluate where your agency stands by comparison.

Scanning Active vs. Inactive Documents

Active Documents – why scan early:

  • Faster Document Access
  • Faster Issues Resolution
  • Improved Productivity
  • Scanning impact: higher

Inactive Documents – why scan late:

  • Space Saving
  • Document Security
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Scanning impact: lower

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