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Document scanners and capture software are the two main components of a document capture system.

In medium and high-speed commercial scanning environments, document capture software is sold separately from document scanners. Specialized software is needed to handle the influx of electronic document images taken by the scanner for batches of up to 1,000 documents at a time, scanned at a rate of up to 250 pages per minute.

Document capture software includes barcode capture, image processing functionality (auto de-skew, cropping, de-speckle, rotation, blank page deletion, etc.), and indexing so these electronic documents can be archived properly and found quickly later. Capture software also feeds workflow automation software in “scan-to-process” applications like AP invoice processing, HR onboarding and claims processing.

Because these scanners rely on third-party applications to capture information in high volumes and for quality control, ISSI represents the industry leaders ABBYY, Alaris, AnyDoc, and Kofax.

For organizations that would rather outsource the scanning of their documents, we also offer both onsite and offsite document scanning services.

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