Hyland RPA

For what can’t be automated via workflow automation, robotic process automation (RPA) can be the answer in certain circumstances, which can help you further streamline processes, enhance the value of your business applications, and help you achieve a digital transformation.

Hyland RPA is a comprehensive RPA suite with everything your organization needs to reach the full potential of RPA technology, from process analysis to bot management. With Hyland RPA, organizations can automate inefficient and costly manual data-processing tasks without extensive system integration or custom coding, helping reduce costs and improve efficiency, employee satisfaction, and information security and compliance.

Building RPA Bots

Hyland RPA allows you to quickly build bots using low-code and drag-and-drop tools so that you reduce strain on IT staff, speed automation with process maps, and eliminate costly and time-intensive training.

RPA Management

With Hyland RPA, you can manage, customize and track all of your bots from a real time dashboard, which gives you get:

  • Empowerment to make quick, accurate decisions
  • Centralized control of all bots
  • Live bot monitoring
  • Audit trails for every process

RPA Analysis

Easily automate documentation of process steps:

  • Guides for automation
  • Simplified deployment of bots
  • Accelerate ROI

Why Hyland RPA?

Increased Efficiency & Accuracy

With intuitive design and management features, Hyland RPA makes intelligent automation accessible across your entire organization, enabling departments to automate repetitive and rules-based tasks, resulting in accelerated business cycles and reduced errors.

Improved employee satisfaction and experience

As Hyland RPA takes on the repetitive and unexciting tasks, employees can focus on more engaging and higher-value tasks, resulting in more engagement, improved job satisfaction, better human capital utilization and reduced employee churn.

Intelligent Automation

Beyond simply automating processes, Hyland RPA offers intelligent components for improved efficiency including intelligent object identification, smart tracking of cognitive decisions, self-repair, neural network use and much more.

Enhanced Content Services

Hyland RPA natively extends process automation capabilities of Hyland’s industry-leading content services platform, allowing customers to easily enhance their solutions with robust RPA features.

Improved Information Security, Compliance & Disaster Recovery

Hyland RPA provides the ability to access and process sensitive data without human involvement, reducing the risk of exposure and enabling defensible audit trails and chain of custody. Hyland RPA can also improve business continuity and disaster recovery as copies of core processes can be backed up and restored off site.

Improved Audit Trails & Process Improvement

Unlike a human worker, Hyland RPA records all bot actions in a log, even when it leaves the line of business application to go to a web portal or another third-party application. Having every click and every data entry logged enables more complete audit trails and makes processes easier to observe, analyze and optimize.

Simplified Deployment & Reduced Reliance on IT

Hyland RPA is designed to be deployed and configured without extensive coding and customization. With user-focused features including intuitive interface, contextual guidance, automatic technical information storage, drag-and-drop design and low-code implementation, organizations can easily deploy new bots as business needs evolve. This ultimately can free up your IT department to focus on more demanding initiatives.

Accelerated ROI

Because Hyland RPA is simple to deploy, use and manage, your business departments can begin using this technology with confidence and begin experiencing ROI right away.

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