OnBase Advanced Capture

Hyland from ISSI

With the help of ISSI, advanced capture can help you speed up and improve your document processing, leading to less manual errors and easier classification.

From Capture to Expire: 6 Steps to Complete Automation

1. Capture Document (scanned images or electronic feeds)

2. Extract, Interrogate, and Validate Data from Document

3. Instantly Update Your Business Systems

4. Drive Document through Your Business Processes

5. Access Document from Anywhere

6. Destroy Document When Expired

Reduce Manual Data Entry With OnBase Advanced Capture

Not only do you need to capture the documents that come into your organization, you need to capture the data contained within these documents. And you want to get the data, or information, off the page and into your business systems as quickly as possible. The faster you can do this, the faster your business processes are. Faster processes mean lower costs and increased revenue.

Manual Data Entry is Slow, Error-Prone & Tedious

What may seem like the simplest job in your company – having an employee manually transpose data from a page into your business systems – can quickly become one of the most expensive parts of your entire business process. The manual data entry process is:

  • Slow, which can increase employee costs and slow business processes
  • Error-prone, which can lead to business decisions made on mistaken information
  • Tedious, which can result in high employee turn-over or low employee engagement

OnBase Advanced Capture Speeds Up Data Entry

Significantly reduce manual data entry from your processes with OnBase Advanced Capture. As you import
documents into OnBase, OnBase Advanced Capture is able to simultaneously read those documents and translate
the relevant printed and handwritten characters on the page into words. Once this data is extracted from the page, OnBase Advanced Capture can:

  • Digitally verify that the information is correct (re-formatting the values if required)
  • Classify and index the document inside OnBase
  • Instantly update all your other business systems

All of this can take place with little to no human interaction, significantly reducing manual data entry from your processes.

The OnBase Suite Includes Advanced Capture

Because OnBase Advanced Capture is developed on the same platform as the entire OnBase product suite, you don’t need to implement or support any additional infrastructure or write any custom code to take advantage of the power of OnBase. With OnBase, you can:

  • Instantly route these documents through your business processes
  • Integrate directly and seamlessly with your business systems
  • Extend your solution to mobile devices
  • Manage the long-term retention and destruction of your documents

What Types of Documents Do You Have?

Although document types are unlimited, typically they can be classified in three ways:

  • Structured documents, where the document format is largely consistent, like a tax form or a loan
  • Semi-structured documents, where the document format can and does change, such as AP invoices and
    student transcripts
  • Unstructured documents, where the document format is different every time, with cover letters for a job
    application and legal contracts, for example

OnBase Advanced Capture’s strength is processing large quantities of structured documents, where the data is
consistently in predictable locations.

ISSI, a platinum reseller of Hyland software, has solutions which extract data from hundreds of different document types. Contact us today to see how efficiently you can capture data from your documents.

The Results

  • Speed up business processes to improve your profit margins
  • Reduce errors due to bad data
  • Re-purpose your employees to higher value tasks

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With ISSI, you can utilize advanced capture solutions for faster, error-free, and easier document processing for your business needs. Contact an expert today to get started.

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