ShareBase Cloud File Sharing Software


ShareBase Document Management Software

Professional and secure file sharing software, ideal for sharing documents between departments, vendors and customers

ShareBase is an enterprise, cloud-based, file sync and share (EFSS) software that is designed for corporate use. Share your documents inside and outside your organization and access them from a variety of devices. ShareBase extends your OnBase document management software and automates sharing through workflow.

Highlights & Impact

  • Purpose-Built Cloud, Not Public Shared Clouds: ShareBase hosts your data in a cloud designed for content
    management; your information is never co-mingled with another company’s and you will know exactly where it is located
  • Controls Usage with Corporate Email Addresses, Not Personal Accounts: ensures your organization retains control of all shared content. Revokes access and allows easy transfer of ownership as users leave or change roles
  • Interacts with Your Existing OnBase Solution: enables automated document sharing as part of your business processes, which reduces bottlenecks caused by the manual copying and pasting of files into disconnected or
    unsanctioned sharing tools

Enable Sharing & Retain Control

Empower Your Workforce

ShareBase allows you to access, collaborate and share your documents from any device with people inside or outside your organization.

Keeps You in Control

Your organization retains control of all content being shared. Easily transfer ownership of shared folders when users change roles and easily revoke rights when users leave. Provides an audit trail to see who has accessed what and when.

Share with Confidence

Hosted in our cloud, your data is never co-mingled with anyone else’s. You’ll know exactly where your information is located. Your organization’s data is encrypted to ensure only you can access it.

Optimized for OnBase

Adds cloud-based sharing to OnBase processes. Share documents outside of OnBase automatically according to business rules, collaborate with external users and seamlessly add content back into OnBase.

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