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ISSI has been an AnyDoc Software integrator since 2004. The ISSI Team includes former AnyDoc employees, including a member of their professional services group.

AnyDoc CLAIM Product Information

AnyDoc CLAIM Software | ISSI

Claim forms keep arriving, and the push is constantly on to get accurate data off the paper and into an EDI 837-ready format or a back-end claim system. Speed, accuracy, and cost are all critical.

Manual data entry and manual verification of critical data hinders efficient processing, inflating your labor costs, and ultimately negatively impacting your company’s revenue.

Eradicate these painful manual tasks, boosting your company’s productivity. AnyDoc CLAIM provides:

  • Seamless processing of CMS-1500s, UB04s, and dental claim forms with EDI 837-ready files
  • High data accuracy without sacrificing speed or cost
  • Efficient capture of line item detail
  • Auto-verification of critical data including NPIs, HCPCSs, and CPT codes
  • Consistent application of your own custom business rules
  • Fast, secure access to claim images and relevant attachments
  • Lower labor costs with the ability to do more with less

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