Digital Mailroom Service: Capture Process

While every digital mailroom outsourcing project has unique elements, there are some common steps that all processes share. The diagram and description below outline the ISSI mailroom process.

Digital Mailroom Capture Process

Incoming Paper Mail

Most customers looking for outsourcing start with paper mail. Typically, ISSI opens a PO box near one of our conversion centers to receive customer incoming paper mail. Alternatively, some customers forward mail to ISSI after it arrives at their address.

Open & Prepare

Incoming mail must be prepped prior to scanning. Often this involves opening the envelopes, removing the contents, removing staples and paperclips, and stacking the mail for scanning. During project discovery, ISSI works with our customers to establish mail processing rules, such as what to do with magazines, or how to handle legal documents.

Scan Documents

The tools and technology used to scan paper documents can mean the difference between garbled text and a legible image. After reviewing customer samples, ISSI will select scanning settings and image processing tools that will ensure that the resulting images are immediately usable. Customers can choose whether they would like ISSI to include the envelope as part of the document image.

Image QC

ISSI does 100% image QC to look for problems with images, including misfeeds, skewed documents, and image quality. Doing image QC right after scanning allows ISSI to react quickly to correct individual or systematic problems.

Paper Storage

In case a customer requires a physical copy of a received document, ISSI retains the physical mail for a period, typically 90 days. When the retention period is complete, ISSI destroys the paper and removes the digital images from our network. If required, ISSI can provide certified destruction services.

Automated Classification & Data Extraction

Some customers ask ISSI to classify their incoming mail into document types, or extract information from the documents such as addressee, sender, date, dollar amount, or status. ISSI has a collection of image automation tools that we can use to automate these processes. Automation options range from form-based extraction to natural-language processing tools that can capture information in context.

Data & Image Delivery

ISSI builds processes that deliver output images and extracted data in whatever format is required by our customers. Delivery options include secure FTP, file sharing websites, and hosted document management and workflow solutions. Security of data at rest and during transmission is always of utmost importance. ISSI works with our customers to ensure that the delivered images arrive at the right place, on time.


If needed, ISSI can produce anything from quarterly image-count reports to live dashboards showing the status of each incoming document. The ISSI scan and delivery teams quickly develop a rapport with their customers, allowing them to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

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