ISSI OnBase Day 2021

This year, OnBase Day will be a webinar that covers Hyland WorkView, RPA and other new OnBase capabilities, presented by Hyland and ISSI technology experts. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re new to OnBase or are an experienced admin. This webinar is an invitation-only event for ISSI clients.

Session Title Description Presenter
Hyland tools to drive digital operations
(11:00 am)
It’s no secret we’re living in a digital world. This session will highlight Hyland tools to enable your workforce to stay connected and productive – from wherever they might be! From search to signatures, from workflow to reporting —these tools will keep your users connected, your content accessible, and your critical processes moving forward. Join this session to get inspired by what’s possible with OnBase Foundation today and into the future. (30 minutes) Colleen Alber, Product Evangelist
Why Cloud?: An overview of the Hyland Cloud and what it can help you achieve
(11:30 am)
While OnBase itself can help you boost productivity, accessibility, and efficiency, the Hyland Cloud can take you even further. During this session we will be covering what the Hyland Cloud offering is and how it can help you further optimize your OnBase investment with peace of mind. Join us to learn what you can realize and achieve in the Hyland Cloud! (20 minutes) Amanda Pfriem, Cloud Business Consultant
Introduction to WorkView: Your enterprise, low-code application building tool
(11:50 am)
These days it’s the high-volume, people-driven work that’s most difficult to manage and measure — especially with a distributed workforce. What if you could provide a 360-degree view of all the information your staff need to drive the “unpredictable” work that requires their knowledge and expertise? You can. Join us to learn how WorkView provides a complete toolkit to create and rapidly deploy solutions, and hear about the many applications our customers have built upon it! (30 minutes) Tom Vitale, Product Evangelist
What can Hyland RPA do for you?
(12:20 pm)
Hyland RPA accelerates digital processes by automating manual and repetitive tasks, freeing knowledge workers to spend time on activities most valuable to the organization. Through a robust suite of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) products, it covers all phases of automation from process analysis to bot management. Digitizing manual processes will increase productivity, improve the user experience and simplify system integration—resulting in streamlined business processes and reduced organizational costs. (30 minutes) Ray Strickland, Specialty Sales Executive
ISSI Managed Services
(12:50 pm)
More and more organizations are moving to managed services models not only to ensure their solutions are expertly managed by trusted partners, but also to avoid the time-consuming and expensive challenge of finding, securing and retaining specialized talent in a highly competitive IT landscape. (15 minutes) John Sakers, ISSI Director, Solutions Consulting
Hyland Resources
(1:05 pm)
Learn more about the resources available to you as a Hyland customer. Join us to discover new information in the Hyland Community, explore new solutions on, and build a customized learning path on the Hyland training website. (15 minutes) Mitchell Hernandez, Sales Support Representative
(1:20 pm)
Thank you for joining us today! We will wrap up the event with a Kahoot quiz! (10 minutes) Halle Lindberg, Account Executive

Kim Hollingsworth, Account Manager

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