OnBase WorkView Case Management Software

Bring together All Data, Documents & Processes for a 360° View of Each Case

What is Case Management Software?

Case management software enables organizations to track and store information in a centralized location and report on their data pertaining to a case.

According to AIIM, A “case” is any project, transaction, service or response that is “opened” and “closed” over a period of time to achieve resolution of a problem, claim, request, proposal, development, or other complex activity. It is likely to involve multiple persons inside and outside of the organization, with varying relationships to each other, as well as multiple documents and messages.

Cases can relate to:

  • Children and families: social services
  • Customers/clients: sales, customer service, accounts receivable
  • Vendors: accounts payable invoice processing
  • Patients: healthcare, dental care, therapy
  • Students: K-12, higher education, trade schools, training programs
  • Civil and criminal matters: police, prosecutors, attorneys and law firms, legal counsel
  • Financial investigations: banks, auditors, forensic accountants
  • Other: service requests, work orders, incident reports

Case management software allows authorized users and caseworkers to collaborate and share information relevant to individual cases in a secure environment. Case management software replaces manual, paper and spreadsheet-based case management that lacks security and automated workflows.

OnBase WorkView Case Management Software

By managing data data, documents and processes on a single platform, OnBase WorkView case management software empowers you to effectively manage cases and make better decisions.

OnBase WorkView provides you with a 360° view of all the information you need to complete your work, increasing your visibility into an entire case — whether it’s a customer relationship, project or incident/issue – equipping you to make improvements and increase effectiveness over time.

OnBase WorkView can handle an unlimited number of cases so that it scales to support your needs across teams and departments to drive value and elevate productivity enterprise-wide.

In summary, OnBase WorkView:

  • Increase user productivity and ensure continuity of processes
  • Support many solutions with one scalable platform
  • Drive value with fast deployment and quick returns for a lower total cost of ownership

Work with an Experienced OnBase Partner

ISSI is a platinum reseller of Hyland software, and our teams have deep expertise in designing and configuring digital automation solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. With over 25 years of experience, ISSI is proud to support productivity through automation.

With WorkView, companies can reduce cycle time by over 10x, condensing a process that once took four days into mere minutes. Experience increased accessibility and productivity with live reporting, automated case management, and more – when implemented by an experienced OnBase partner like ISSI.

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